MEMBER PROFILE - Dan & Claudia Feidler


Finally vet


By Claudia Feidler




Rather than write about a particular Corvette I would rather share with you one man's love for cars, particularly his love for the Corvette. I'm positive his attraction for the Corvette started at the age of nine. His cousin placed him on his lap behind the steering wheel of his car and taught him how to drive.

When we met, this man was 33. From the very start, I knew his love for the Corvette was deep and strong. When we were on a date and a Corvette would pass by, he would admire it. He would look at me and say, "Someday I will own one of those cars." I would look at him, shake my head and say, "Sure Honey." At that time owning a Corvette was just not in the picture for us. After all, we were planning to be married, we were moving to New England from Pennsylvania, plus two teenage sons were moving with us. This was a second marriage for both of us so we were really starting over from scratch.

Years past, kids grew up and left the nest, and many, many things changed. At last the time had come. The dream of owning a Corvette was no longer a dream, but soon to be a reality. In June of 1998, he purchased his first Corvette, an `86 roadster from Corvette City in Manchester. I'll never forget that day. As we were driving to the dealership he looked at me and said, "I've owned a lot of vehicles in my life, but I've never felt this way before. I'm so excited I think I'm going to be sick." We completed the paperwork required and he was handed the keys to his first Corvette, a white convertible with red interiors. She was beautiful. The look of pride on this face was indescribable. Needless to say, this was just the beginning of "Corvette Fever." He proudly owned his first `Vette for almost two years.

Always admiring the C-5 body style a trip to Corvette Mike's in Plymouth, Massachusetts was soon to happen. Well, once again the fever struck and in March of 2000 he purchased a `98 coupe. It was a very hard decision, so, so many to pick from. The final decision came down to two, white or red. He asked me my opinion; I said white and white it was. I didn't understand at first how a person could love a car so much, but now I understand completely. Each year something new is added or changed on the car. New cleaners, waxes, exhausts, interior, things here and there. The final outcome is always one of beauty.

The admiration this man has for this car doesn't end here. He has continued to show his admiration by having a C-5 emblem tattooed on his leg. It certainly is a conversation piece. Also, the family room in our house has been taken over by his collection of 30 or so 1/18 scale models of Corvettes from the year 1953 and onward. Never take him shopping where there might be models, he will purchase them by the arm fulls. He has tried very hard to convince me that his bathroom would look fantastic decorated in the Corvette motif. He hasn't won that one yet.

If you haven't guessed by now, this man is my husband, Dan Feidler.