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Dennis Granger
I have been a member of Gate City Corvette Club since May 2004, but I have been in love with the Corvette since I saw a poster of the 1984 model in the same year. I have aspired to own a Corvette ever since but settled on Camaros for many years as they are more practical for everyday use and much more affordable.

I started looking at Corvettes seriously in 2002 and nearly purchased a 1996 Grand Sport from Phoenix, AZ in the spring of 2003. While I was negotiating with the seller I saw a 1991 Corvette ZR-1, bright red on black on eBay. I pulled a clean Car Fax and put a low bid on it thinking I would never get it. Well, two days later I won! I could not believe it considering the ZR-1 was frequently the lunchtime conversion in high school. We saw it in magazines with its outrageous price tag, way out of league for high school kids, just another car to dream about like a Ferrari.

The seller shipped it from Dearborn, MI and that dream arrived at my home two weeks later. Then began the problems. The car would not start. A risk you take buying a car unseen, but this isnít a car easily found at your local car dealers. The seller then admitted the car had been sitting in a garage for two years. After sitting so long without proper preparation, the fuel system had several problems. After numerous phone calls I found a shop I trusted to work on a ZR-1. They made the critical repairs, mounted new rims and tires and gave me an inspection. Finally, nearly a month after delivery, I went for my first drive. Since this was my first experience driving a Corvette, words can hardly do justice. Unfortunately the car needed a fair amount or restoration before it would really fulfill my expectations.

The next spring I contacted GCCC to see what they were about hoping to share my interest and obtain advise. Fortunately I have found that and much more! Iíve received invaluable technical advice and parts! The car has come a long way. Iíve installed a new transmission, Corsa exhaust, upgraded sound system and most recently replaced nearly the entire interior and roof. Even more valuable than the advise, is the good company and friendships. I enjoy the cruises and social events as much as the car itself.

Although my intention was to purchase a car in excellent condition, I have learned a great deal about the C4 Corvette and enjoy most of the time spend repairing and restoring the ZR-1. I take it out as much as possible, often with my son Thomas who will tell you, "I'm going to have a blue Corvette when I grow up!" The ZR-1 is every bit as exciting to drive as I imagined in the cafeteria in high school! Perhaps one day Iíll upgrade to the new C6 ZR1. A dream for another day.

Dennis Granger

1991 zr-1
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