Diane & Rosaire Fauteax

Rosaire purchased his toy, a 2002 Torch Red Roadster, in April of 2002 at Dobles Chevrolet. He had been dreaming of owning a `Vette for quite a few years.

Shortly after, we decided to make the trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the Corvette 50th Anniversary Celebration. We joined Gate City Corvette Club in May of 2003 in hopes of meeting other Corvette enthusiasts who were also traveling to Bowling Green. On the first morning of our journey we gathered with members at Dobles to begin our two-week vacation caravanning all the way to Bowling Green. Rosaire especially enjoyed the time spent at Bristol Motor Speedway on both the oval track and the drag strip; however, I can't say the same for myself. We were grateful to Peggy and Larry Miller for taking us under their wing. We also spent time with Linda and Brad Davis in Nashville. Thanks to Ly Kelley we were able to tour the Corvette factory.

Just as Rosaire and I had hoped, sharing the 50th Anniversary Celebration with other club members was an exciting experience. We look forward to many more trips with Gate City Corvette Club.