MEMBER PROFILE - Mike DeCampo's `88 Coupe



A Father's Day Gift


By Allie DeCampo




The first time I was ever in Mike's bedroom in his parent's house (why did I even go in there?) I noticed a huge jar of pennies on his dresser. I asked him what he was saving for, and he replied, "A `67 Marina Blue Corvette Coupe." Instead, two little bundles of joy arrived, first Kevin and then Brian. Years past, and family demands grew, but Mike never forgot about his dream of one day owning that `67 Marina Blue Corvette Coupe. For Christmas, one year, I gave him a music box with a `67 Marina Blue Corvette on top that played "California Girls." (He also dreamed of being a surfer in California like the Beach Boys, although I understand that they really didn't surf at all.)

Many years later our son Kevin, now a college student who could not afford to buy a gift for Father's Day due to other priorities such as building his Mazda's stereo system, gave Mike an Auto Hunter for Father's Day. As Mike was reading the Auto Hunter over his morning coffee, he spied a Corvette for sale. I was too busy to pay much attention, as it was my responsibility to provide the potato salad for the Father's Day picnic. I told Mike and the boys to go check out the `Vette and to buy it if it was really nice. At this point in the story, anyone reading this would be teary eyed if the ending to this story was that the `Vette for sale was a `67 Marina Blue Coupe, however, it was an `88 navy blue coupe that had been well cared for and stored in a heated garage. The owners had gotten into mountain biking and needed more space to accommodate their hobby. Mike decided that this `Vette with only 14,000 miles on the odometer was too good to pass up. He also thought that I would appreciate the automatic transmission.

Mike drove the `Vette home and basically just gave it a good thorough cleaning inside and out. He made some minor improvements. He installed a Walker muffler system that is now off the car and somewhere in the garage. Something about noise levels and the desire to preserve one's hearing, but that's a story for another day. Does anyone want to buy a slightly used muffler system?

Anyway, the `Vette was considered Mike's Father's Day gift that year, and although his sons didn't actually buy it for him, they were there to support his purchase (and Kevin did give him that Auto Hunter.) Who knows, maybe on some future Father's Day they'll present him with a `67 Marina Blue Corvette Coupe. Probably not, but maybe an Auto Hunter with a `67 Marina Blue Corvette Coupe on the cover!


Mike joined the Gate City Corvette Club to meet other people who share his enthusiasm for Corvettes. He served as club president for two years.