MEMBER PROFILE - Phyllis & Paul Nowak's 2000 Convertible

Welcome New Members

By Lynn Nault

The lifeblood of any club is the enthusiasm and vitality new members bring to the club. Gate City Corvette Club is fortunate to watch its membership grow steadily over the years.

Paul and Phyllis Nowak are two of GCCC's newest members as they became "official" on April 12, 2002. They joined "to meet people, participate in events and have fun enjoying our corvette." Most recently they joined a caravan of 26 corvettes to attend the grand opening the Precision Valley Corvette Museum in Springfield, VT, on May 3rd.

Paul and Phyllis are not new to the Corvette world. Paul's first corvette was a brand new 1988 coupe, dark red metallic with a saddle interior. He had that beauty until August of 1990 when the hands of fate dealt a low blow and he had to let her go. The tides changed for Paul in 1993. While driving by a local dealer he saw what he thought was his old vette. No, it wasn't that original red beauty, but her twin! How often in your lifetime can you bring back your past? Not wanting to let this slip through his fingers, he brought her home. Paul and Phyllis enjoyed this car for 8 years.

In 2001, now wanting to move up to a newer model, Paul started looking around for a newer model C4. The urge for a ragtop was appealing! Playing the casual browser throughout the summer, at last he found it, a black 1995 convertible. After a few trips to the dealership, Paul was ready, "yes, this is the car." OK, now bring Phyllis, one quick look and letís sign those papers!

Whoa, Paul, wait one minute - nice car, but where do you put the luggage in a C4 convertible? Anyone who travels with one has learned the tricks of packing - light is the key concept! Now a dilemma, do we buy this one or not? Hmmmmm. Then Phyllis saw it, a 2000 convertible - hey this car comes with a trunk! 13 cubic feet worth to be exact! A beautiful car but much more costly than the '95. As Paul said, "we looked and drooled - couldn't get it off my mind." After some discussion at the dealership, Paul signed on the 1995 with the option to change his mind before he picked it up. Well, after burning the midnight oil and chewing down a few pencils with the calculations, Paul went back to the dealership and drove home with the 2000. His test drive was the drive home!

Paul and Phyllis Nowak are now the proud owners of a 2000 Dark Bowling Green Metallic convertible, with light oak top and interior. Bowling Green Metallic is a rare two-year color. Only 1,671 were made in 2000 and of those, only 782 were convertibles. This one is optioned out with heads up display, sport seats, a 12 CD changer, active handling, and dual climate control and magnesium wheels. A real head turner!

Welcome Paul and Phyllis Nowak with your 2000 convertible. Gate City Corvette Club looks forward to a busy and fun year and hope to see you at upcoming events!